I love a good exclamation point. See my last post if you don’t believe me. However, in today’s world of hype and sensory overload, they are overused. Exclamation points are as common as the word “like” in a teenage girl’s vocabulary. In your best 14-year-old girl voice read the following:

“Like, she was like, OMG, are you going to, like, wear that shirt to, like, the dance?”

It helps if you shrug, roll your eyes, and flip your hair while you read it.

Teenage girl aside, I found that my words, not the punctuation marks, need to get the point across.

Instead of:

“His kiss was so passionate!!”

How about:

“His kiss made my socks melt.”

Whoa baby, that was, like, one heck of a good kiss.

I kept a few “!s” in my book because I couldn’t part with them. Call me a junkie, but I am in rehab.