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As we all know, the publishing industry is changing faster than Lady Gaga’s hairstyle. I don’t yet know which way to go. As the lyrics of the song “Live and Let Die” by Wings say – “this ever changing world in which we live in . . .” (Really Sir Paul? Horrible grammar. Ending your sentence in a preposition?).

My novel is finished and is in the hands of a few people whose opinion I respect and trust. While I’m waiting for their feedback, I am researching whether I should self-publish or attempt to find an agent and go the traditional route.

Information abounds about both options on the Internet. In fact, there is too much information. Some tout the wonders of self-publishing and others argue that with right query letter, I could be on the next flight for my book-signing tour. And yet others stand tightrope-walk the fence, explain the merits of both, and then simply say it is up to me.  Such advice leaves me scratching my head in an unbecoming manner.

At this moment, I am leaning toward finding an agent and indulge myself in daydreams about mobs of fans throwing themselves at my feet at Barnes and Nobles.

And now, back to my research. Wish me luck.