Not long after I bought my iPhone, my daughter texted me saying that she received a B+ on a paper she toiled over. If I recall, the prompt for the essay was asinine and about as clear as a foggy day in London. I understood why she struggled because I struggled to help edit it.

But that’s not the point here.

I responded to her text by saying “That’s excrement honey!!!!!!!!” (Yes, I use eight exclamation points when I am excited.)

She wrote back with “Geez Mom, don’t you think that is a little harsh?”

Damn autocorrect took advantage of my terrible texting ability and changed “EXCELLENT” to “EXCREMENT.” I meant excellent, excellent, excellent!!!!!!!!

So . . . the point here is that autocorrect is both a blessing and excrement. Be careful out there.

Sorry honey! I really WAS proud of you!

Toiling over an essay with chocolate always eases the pain . . .