I’ve had to hit the pause button on my blog for two days because I am in a weird place. Actually, I am in Portland and do they sell tee-shirts and bumper stickers here that say “Keep Portland Weird,” but that isn’t what I mean. I am in Portland visiting my 90½-year-old uncle who is living with my sister. (Isn’t it cute that you start counting the ½-years like a toddler when you are over the age of 90?)

The weird thing I am referring to is my state of mind. My uncle is the most life-loving and effervescent person I know. He was a director, actor, producer, and stage manager on Broadway since the late l940s. I adore the man and so does everyone else who has been lucky enough to know him. The problem is his mind is sharp but his body is failing and it is hard to watch happen. What is harder to see is he is aware of it happening too and he hates it.

I saw him just two short months ago and the difference in his mobility and strength since then is shocking. Up until this visit to Portland, I was under the impression he was going to live forever. Denial was a warm and cozy place to be and I liked it much better than what I am feeling now.

So, this particular post has nothing to do with writing and everything to do about a tribute to my beautiful and talented uncle. Thanks for humoring me and now excuse me. I need to find a tissue.