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Something magical has happened twice since I started this blog.

Three years ago I worked at a non-profit agency with a man who never failed to make me laugh. He had a deliciously wicked and dry sense of humor . . . my favorite kind. We lost touch when we both left the agency. OUT OF THE BLUE, I got a comment on my blog post titled, “100 Beautiful Words” from “Chuck the Accountant.” At first it creeped me out because he made reference to my “lissome body.” I was about to delete the comment without approving it when “Chuck’s” email address caught my eye. It was my long lost friend! The crack about Chuck liking my body was reference to an inside joke from years ago. So, abracadabra, like magic I found my old friend, or rather, he found me.

Today I received a comment from a very distant cousin who lives in Sweden. We exchange Christmas cards every year, but that is it. I never mentioned my blog to her, so how did she find me!? Maybe I have a huge following in Sweden I am not aware of.

It got me thinking. I wonder how many of you have connected or reconnected with someone because of your blog? Or their blog? Who was it and how did you find each other? I’d love to know!