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For those of you following my blog (thank you!), you know I have been spending my days researching the best way to get my novel In Search of Beef Stroganoff published. For those of you NOT following me (please do!), now you know how I have been whiling away my days.

It is official; I am on information overload. There are so many smart people out there with sage advice, tips, and do’s and don’ts. I can’t take it all in! I’ve bookmarked dozens of websites, taken notes, thrown up my hands in defeat, and also found hope that one day my book will be on an actual- or cyberspace-bookshelf.

The discussions on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing and the changing industry are robust with good information. Just when I think “Ah ha! I have a game plan,” I read something else counseling that Game Plan B is better. Then I read another article with the advice that the sure-fire way to go is Game Plan C. And on and on it goes. Without sounding like I am whining (well maybe a little), I’d like to be adopted by someone who says, “Here honey, I’ll handle it for you.” Since being adopted is unlikely at my age, I’ll forge ahead on my own for now.

I am an huge fan of the brilliant movie by Mel Brooks, Young FrankensteinLike in the movie, I wish someone would hand me this:

Photo credit to lorinalynn’s album at photobucket.com

Anyone else feel the same way?

P.S. My thanks to all the people out there who know more than I do and are willing to share their wisdom. Stealing another favorite line from a favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, (sing along everyone), “I’ve been whiling away the hours, conversing with the”  . . . bloggers.