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I’ve discovered we writers are a modest lot.

Writers rarely hype their book(s) on their blog or website in the first person. Being modest, we rely on the kindness of others to do it for us. We may be so darn proud about what we have written that our buttons are busting, but we keep quiet about it. Ever see a quote on the back of a book from the author giving it “Two thumbs up!”? Ever heard a writer say, “My book is so good it should be on The New York Times Best Seller list” or “Move over JK Rowling, there is a new kid in town.”? Maybe I shouldn’t be speaking for all writers, but for me, I gently hand my manuscript to someone and say, “I hope you like it,” and then start to pray that they do.

Positive feedback on my writing is a wonderful tonic. Since I can’t/don’t sing the praises of my book from the mountaintops, I embrace the moments when someone else does. I don’t mind constructive criticism as it can only make this thing I am nurturing better and stronger. But really, the positive comments are, as my kids would say, “The Bomb.”

This post is a carefully-crafted and thin guise to share with you two recent comments I received about my book In Search of Beef Stroganoff.

“I am savoring your book like a nice glass of wine.”

~ and ~

“It really is a life-story wrapped inside 280-odd pages of brilliant literature.”

Those two short sentences echo in my head. Thank you for allowing me this moment of immodesty.

So, what was the nicest thing someone said about your writing? I’d love to hear it. This is a safe place to crow!