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Writers spend hours refining sentences, slashing clichés, finding a new way to say  “delicious” (see my post from February 17th), and in general agony while attempting to get their writing right. I was tempted to say “writing write” but I thought it might be too cutesy.

I ran across this article from the United Kingdom’s The Telegraph about bestselling author Dan Brown’s (of The Da Vinci Code fame) 20 worst sentences:


The article makes it clear that even authors who have sold six-gazillion copies of their book(s) don’t always get it right. Clumsy sentences, mixed metaphors, and shallow foreshadowing can haunt the pages of best sellers, as well as the work you are slumped over your computer editing to perfection right now.

I found comfort (or maybe it was encouragement) in knowing that renowned authors who are raking in the big-bucks can write a bad sentence or two (or twenty).

The article made me chuckle. I think you will chuckle too.