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I have a question . . . what is the difference between the words “warn” and “forewarn?” If you are “warning” someone of impending peril, aren’t you also “forewarning” him or her?

Since we are on this heady subject, what is up with the term “pre-planning?” Let me use it in a sentence – “The conference pre-planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.”  Are we going to be planning for how we are going to be planning the conference?

I heard this one today on talk radio – “In my personal opinion . . . “ It if isn’t your “personal opinion,” whose would it be? A cousin of this one is – “I myself feel . . .” Glad you cleared up who was doing the “feeling” around here.

“Irregardless” appears on just about every misused word list but it is amazing how often you hear it used. These people must not be reading the blogs I have been reading.

Two of my daughter’s pet peeves are pronouncing the word “often” as “off-ten” with a hard “T” rather than “off-in,” and saying the word “across” with a “T” at the end, which clearly it doesn’t have.  The chicken didn’t go “acrosst” the road, did she?

Since I am on a roll, how about – “Alls I’m saying is . . . “ Since when does the “all” need to be “alls?”

So alls I’m saying is in my personal opinion I would like to hear from you irregardless of what you want to forewarn me about.

Seriously, what are your pet peeves in this arena? We could make a killer list.

Your welcome – er, your’re welcome.