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Today is National Catalog and Magazine Day! For those of you looking at your calendar and wondering why your boss didn’t give you the day off, it isn’t an actual national holiday. I made it up but greeting card companies are considering making it an official holiday.

Why is it National Catalog and Magazine Day? It is because they are suffocating me. They multiply like rabbits when I have my back turned. I’ve been doing most of my gift buying on-line and as a result, the purveyors of these goods consider that license to send me their catalog every other day. Magazine subscriptions have become ridiculously cheap with the advent of being able to read just about anything on-line. The prices enticed me to subscribe and do my part to keep the print industry alive.

The stacks of catalogs and magazines on my coffee table threaten to crush it into splinters. I can’t simply throw them away because they stare at me with haunted eyes like orphaned children.

I am going to take advantage of this holiday and plow through those catalogs and magazines. I’ll flip pages, tear out articles, clip recipes, and then toss the skeletons in the trash. I believe the exercise will be liberating.

If you read my post yesterday – “Query Letter Writer’s Block Anyone?” – you are probably wondering why I am reading magazines rather than writing the query letter for my novel. I have a simple answer for you. Procrastination and I are best friends.