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Thirty-four friends were waiting for me in my office this morning. They had barged in without bothering to give me time to have a cup of coffee or scan the newspaper’s headlines. I was still in my bathrobe and looked like a crumpled piece of paper. But they all had interesting things to show with me . . . advice, photos, videos, jokes, and creative writing samples. How could I ignore such an enthusiastic sharing of knowledge?

So instead of the newspaper, I read the thirty-four blog posts waiting in my computer’s in-box. I love reading my fellow bloggers’ posts. Heck, that is why I follow them. But when you have a self-imposed deadline of getting your query letter written by the end of the week, you should be writing the damn thing not reading blogs, right?

I need to find a system of letting my friends in and a way to expedite reading what they have written. Anyone have any tips for how to manage blog backlog? Maybe the “B” in blog stands for “back” as in “back”log.