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People are passionate about books but two men in Ann Arbor took it to the extreme and their argument came to blows. Follow the link below to the newspaper article about it.

Ann Arbor Man Punched During Literary Argument

The article states that the men involved in a literary argument had been drinking for several hours before the fight broke out. Rather than a beer-induced fight, I like to think they were sipping port or single-malt scotch in the manner of Hemingway and discussing the finer points of classic literature. Or . . . maybe they had entered into the “self-publish” vs. “traditional-publishing” debate which is enough to enrage even Gandhi.

I would love to know what books and authors the group sipping libations on the porch were talking about. Which one(s) caused them to resort to violence?

I’m not advocating you pick a fight, but what book’s honor would you defend with your fists . . . in a metaphorical sense, of course.