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To my utter delight, I was invited by Corey at Corey M.P. to do a guest post. It came out today and you can check it out at Writing Tip #11: Moldy Verbs, Adverbs, and Intensifiers.

The prompt she gave me was “Writing Tips,” so I rummaged in my bag-o-writing tips to see what I could come up with. It isn’t an actual bag. It is a notebook filled with scratching and musings. Do you have one of these?

I considered writing about my nasty habit of overusing commas. Since I am not an expert in commas, hence the overuse problem, I avoided the topic. Effect/Affect was tossed out with the trash because the proper usage makes me stumble and I avoid using the words all together. I do consider myself a quasi-expert on moldy verbs, adverbs, and intensifiers because I spent a great deal of time editing them OUT of my novel.

Thanks again Corey for the opportunity to do a guest post. It was fun!

A well-placed comma is a beautiful thing.