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Several weeks ago I wrote about leaping out of my comfort zone and entering my novel, In Search of Beef Stroganoff, in a writing contest. Today I found out that I didn’t win. Happily, I was in the top 416 entries! No matter that only 416 people entered the contest, right?

Oh well. I am glad I entered and wish the nine finalists much luck in the last round of cuts.

Now I’d like to ask you all to wish ME luck on the next daring feat I’ll be performing without a safety net. My book group selected my novel for our May discussion. Yikes.

I’m excited about it and nervous at the same time. I look forward to hearing their feedback and because the book has received positive reviews from other readers thus far, I won’t have to drink myself silly before going to the book group meeting. However, it will be rather unnerving to have the book discussed while I am present.

One good thing about having my book as the next group’s book selection is that I won’t have to burn the midnight oil to get it read in time for the meeting. Goodness knows I can recite entire passages.

Be thinking of me on May 7th and I’ll let you know how it goes, unless I am hospitalized with a mysterious nervous disorder after the meeting.