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Just when you thought you were safe from me spewing pesky words to look for in your writing, I bring you two more.


And her boring alter ego


Here are examples of how these two little words can suck the lifeblood out of a sentence:

I go shopping for cheap shoes. 

That is a lie. I love expensive shoes.

I shop for cheap shoes


Let’s go to London by boat to see the Queen. 

For her Golden Jubilee perchance? (How British of me.)

Let’s sail to London to see the Queen. 


I am going to have to edit my novel after reading Robin’s wise advice.

 Do you mean Robin’s wisecracks?

I must edit my novel after Reading Robin’s wisecracks.


I am going to keep the momentum going. 

Would you just be “going” already? Geez.

I will keep up the momentum.

Granted, those sentences are not up for a Nobel Prize in Literature, but I think you can get the point.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how many “go’s” and “going’s” I edited out of my novel. However, I will tell you, if you tell me what you find.

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