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Anyone else ready to dump WordPress? I am not a ranter, but really WordPress, really? Really? Here is my rant.

Blogging takes an enormous amount of time (ask your husband/wife/significant other – you know it bugs them) and the evil programmers at WP have added to it by nuking comments, putting comments (even MY comments on MY post) in the spam folder, double emailing when someone comments, and deciding that I must read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT MADE on EVERY SINGLE BLOG I COMMENTED ON FROM NOW INTO PERPETUITY.

Argh. What a waste of a day it has been dealing with WordPress’ shenanigans.

I’m ready to move on to a better platform. Are you fair readers?

Maybe the folks at WordPress will suppress this post before it goes to “print” and you will never see it.

Or, what is more likely to happen, my rant will arrive in your in-box 62 times in the next 3 minutes.

Sorry folks. I will return to my normal mild-mannered ways tomorrow. Ah. I feel much better now. I think.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

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