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“Never” on a Sunday. Or maybe “always” on a Sunday.

 You guessed it. Today’s weak words to avoid are:




When stating the action, the “never” or “always” is implied. Here are examples:

I never go out on Saturday nights. 

You poor lonely soul loser.

I stay home on Saturday nights and cry in my beer. 


My mom always says I need to stand up straight.

My mom tells me the same thing!

My mom nags about standing up straight.

In most instances, “never” and “always” are filler and make the sentence fall flat. Besides, it is rare that someone “always” does something.

I will “never” confess how many times I used the word “never.” Let’s just say I “always” used it.

Geez Robin, follow your advice would you?

I won’t confess how often I used the word “never” because I am too embarrassed.

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