I ranted yesterday about the crazy problems over at WordPress.

If you are a blogger, you know what problems I am talking about . . . non-spam comments ending up in the spam folder, endless follow-up comments via email if you, God forbid, forget to unclick that little box, etc.

Here is an issue I haven’t seen mentioned. Is this happening to anyone else?

You read a great blog post, formulate a pithy comment, press “Post Comment,” and then POOF. Your comment disappears and doesn’t show up as being posted?

For those of you I follow and you haven’t heard from me, I apologize. I’ve commented. I really have. I promise.

I am going to stop wasting my time and attempting to comment until this issue is resolved.

But tell me, is the “disappearing comment act” happening to you too?

WordPress dashboard interface

WordPress dashboard interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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