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Oooh . . . dramatic blog title Robin.

The title isn’t exactly true. I am ready to throw WordPress and my computer out the window, but the real reason you haven’t see me around lately is I am in Portland visiting a gaggle of family members. Tomorrow I move on to Boise to spend four days with our youngest daughter. Can’t wait.

I thought I would be able to keep up with you all while on this trip, but HA! Blogging takes low priority when surrounded by family, food, and 90-year-old parents who can’t hear a darn thing.

What a wild ride the last week has been. Between the WordPress “comment-follow”  and other problems, and the world deciding I am nothing but mere Spam, my forced break from blogging is a welcome relief.

I’ll be back next week and catch up with you then. That is, if WordPress has cleaned up its act. Miss you all!


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