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I am friends with a brilliant young Italian man who lives in England. I do not use the word brilliant here lightly. He is a card-carrying member of Mensa. His wit is a charming blend of British humor and Italian panache.

He wrote this poem when he was in his early teens and his friend did the artwork. He allowed me to share it with you as long as I didn’t print his name. I guess he is brilliant and humble. I thought you would enjoy his poem as a nice break from my Strong vs Weak Word series.

Wouldn’t you agree he is talented beyond his years?

The Girl and the Bee King

A King! Wrapped in gold and darkness.

Bedewed by sorrow, bedimmed by myth.

But in this time his child arrived.

Her saintly visage, the beauty of her innocence.

He prayed he may share a grain,

A grain of sand, the sand of time.

O curse’d I bee to not feel love,

This one last time,

Before my child’s life, passes me by.