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I was just about to say that I just don’t overuse the word “just.” Just STOP using the word “just” Robin!

You guessed it ~ today’s overused word is “just”

When reviewing my manuscript, I thought, “Surely I don’t overuse the word “just,” and don’t call me Shirley. (Bonus point for the first commenter to name the movie this is from.)

I knew about the “just” thing without reading one word from one sage writing advisor. A quick “seek and destroy” uncovered 52 of the bloody things.

I couldn’t bear to part with a handful of “justs.” I imagine Lennon and McCartney felt the same way when they wrote “I’ve Just Seen A Face.”

Here are some poorly written examples to help you spot and nuke the problem in your writing (if you have a problem, that is):

I just stopped by for a spot of tea.

What? Not conversation, not bangers and mash, not a lovely back rub?

I stopped by for a spot of tea but couldn’t be bothered by her writing tip drivel.


 I just wanted to leave.

You didn’t put your coat on, grab your purse, or smack her?

She foisted her opinions on me so I smacked her, grabbed my coat and purse, and slammed the door behind me.


I had just one glass of wine when I arrived home.

You are a liar.

I consumed a bottle of wine to erase her annoying tips from my brain.

That is more like it!

 Cheers! The next round is on me! Let me know what you find.

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