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“All the world’s a stage . . . “

 ~William Shakespeare

Really Bill? Isn’t it the same if you said, “The world’s a stage?”

He scoffed from deep in his grave and said, “It is lyrical with the “all” in situ.”

True, so true.  How Shakespearean of you. However . . .

 All the donuts are stale.

Is more visual when stated . . .

I chipped a tooth because I bit into Bill’s stale donut.


All the people adore Robin’s blog posts.

 And why wouldn’t they?

Bloggers from Istanbul to Bakersfield adore Robin’s witty blog about writing.

Did you notice I nuked the word PEOPLE too?


That was all the time I had to work on my novel today.

You must be writing a blog.

I had one minute to work on my novel today because I was reading hundreds of brilliant words written by Robin.

See what I mean? Sometimes “all” is okay, but please don’t ever say “alls,” as in “alls I’m gonna to do is fix me some ribs.” Hmmm . . . I’m hungry. How about you Bill?

William Shakespeare

Cover of William Shakespeare

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