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I am channeling Peter Pan, Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, and Cathy Rigby when I say, “I gotta crow.”

I hit over 11,500 all-time visits today and this is my 100th post. I also recently passed the 200 follower mark. My buttons are busting.

Some of you are yawning and saying, “That was so four years ago for me.” But for this new-blogger-on-the-block, they are heady milestones.

You, my faithful and most intelligent followers/commenters make this unpaid job a joy.  I love what you write on your blogs, I love your comments on mine, and I love you.

Okay, enough of the sappy-pull-out-the-Kleenex moment. You know what I mean though, right?

Blogging surprises for me?

1. What a GIGANTIC tiny community we are.

2. Bloggers are a supportive and positive lot.

3. I didn’t expect to meet people who I now consider friends.

4. How much I would learn from fellow bloggers.

5. How much I would learn while writing my blog.

6. The downside . . . how much time it takes.

What were your surprises?

Thank you all. Let’s sing along with Jerry Garcia . . . “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

By the way – My Peter Pan poster autographed by Cathy Rigby from her performance in San Francisco in 1990 hangs over my fireplace. It serves as quite a conversation piece, until that is, my guests run out the door with their purses firmly tucked under their arm. “Waaaaitttt . .  . I want to show you my signed program toooooooooo!”

Too late. They ran over my mailbox while pealing out of my driveway.