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~Actual photograph of Robin Coyle. My what a big mouth you have Grandma.

I am remiss in not acknowledging a fair few blogging awards.  My apologies go to the lovely (and astute, I might add) fellow-bloggers who deemed me worthy.

Because I need to remedy this situation, I am accepting all the awards at once. I know, I know. I’m breaking the rules.  But I like to think I am bending, not breaking.  My mother wouldn’t approve if I broke them.

The awards’ rules are similar so I am mushing them together.

1. Add the award to your blog. To be done.

2. Thank the bloggers who gave them to you and include a link to their blog. Check.

3. Mention random things about yourself. See below.

4. List the rules. You are reading my mushed version of them.

5. Give the award to more bloggers. See below.

Random Things you ask?

  • I hate bringing in the garbage cans. Random enough?
  • My uncle was a stage manager, actor, and director on Broadway. As a result, love the theater and know the words to the songs of every Broadway musical ever made. Except for the production of Spring Awakening from three years ago. I hated it.
  • My dog William sits on the chair behind me while I write.  On MY chair, not another chair. His choice, not mine.
  • Most of my education comes from crossword puzzles. I know more about history, the bible, Shakespeare, etc. from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times’ crossword puzzles rather than from university.
  • I’ve solved several world problems while puttering in the garden. Best productive thinking time ever. Mr. Obama should call me.
  • I call myself a book-lover, but don’t allow myself much time to read. What is up with that?
  • I make a mean guacamole. Wanna come over for margaritas and chips for my award ceremony?

My nominees you ask with bated breath? The lovely people who nominated me for the awards!

Shian Writes  – Versatile Blogger award. Shian is a writer, poet, and movie buff, but she is keeping the rest a secret.  Shhh . . .

Before I Forget – Liebster Award. You never know what you are going to get here – music, cartoons, writing, thoughts about her classroom, etc. – but she always amuses.

Fly Away Home Book – Liebster Award. Maggie is a Jersey Shore girl (no, not the TV show) transplanted in Norway and a published author. Oh, and she is delightful.

All Things Boys – Kreativ Blogger Award. The title of Arnel’s blog is misleading. She shares her humorous take on LIFE.

C.B. Wentworth – Kreativ Blogger Award (Hey, shouldn’t it be “Kreativ Speller Award?”). Here you will find essays, poetry, music, travel, and a potpourri of other fun or interesting reads. Or both.

Sara Flower’s Blog – Beautiful Blogger Award. Sara is a fellow writer and inspiration. Plus, she described me as beauty with brains so I think I am in love with her.

Mike is Happy. Relatively. – Beautiful Blogger Award. I laugh out loud at every one of Mike’s posts. Roll on the floor laughter.

Ella Dee – Thank You Award and ABC Award. Ella Dee’s blog tag line is “I like words. My favourite word is happy.” Gotta love someone like her.

Fear No Weebles – Sunshine and Beautiful Blogger Award. Another fellow writer and her blog is just plain fun. Watch for her “Hot Dead Guy” contests.

Fashion and Style Guru – Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award. They blog about, well . . . fashion and style, but it is more than an issue of Glamour Magazine. By the way, the photo at the top of their blog is me.

The View Outside – Reader Appreciation Award. Vikki makes me think about writing and the process of writing. Always a good thing.

Wanton Creation – Reader Appreciation Award. As per his “About” page, “I read, write, teach, love, fly, timetravel…ahem…and I live in Australia. Sometimes I like to travel by kangaroo (this is a lie, nobody actually does this).”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awards. I’m blushing.

Note to the nominees ~ don’t feel you need to accept and nominate others again, unless you want to!