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Want to win a copy of John R. Trimble’s book Writing with Style: Conversations of the Art of Writing ?

Professor Trimble’s book is a gem. It was the first writing/editing how-to book I read and it changed my writing life. Many of the tips I’ve shared with you in the series Strong vs Weak Words are tidbits I gleaned from this slim tome.

Reading Writing with Style is like having a conversation about writing with your favorite college professor over a beer. He is funny (learning how to write with style can be funny?), to the point, and smart. Think Strunk and White with a sense of humor.

So how can you win this treasure? You can help me.

The main character in my novel, In Search of Beef Stroganoff, falls in love with a chef who owns an intimate restaurant. The problem is the restaurant doesn’t have a name. Here is a snippet from manuscript to give you a feel for the restaurant:

“The fire crackled and candlelight bathed the tables cloaked in white. “Life Happens Around the Table” was spelled out over the mantel in an eclectic collection of letters from old storefronts. Tantalizing choices on the menu made deciding what to order a chore and a note on the menu said, “Our food is organic, sustainable, and locally grown.” Stroganoff wasn’t offered, so I opted for the veal.

One bite of the bread from the breadbasket made me swoon. It took herculean willpower to not consume the entire contents of the breadbasket while I waited for my meal. It was an exercise in restraint. Like the bread in Paris, it was crusty on the outside and a dream on the inside. If the bread was that good, I knew the meal would be spectacular. I didn’t want to fill up, but was tempted to dump the remaining bread into my purse.”

Submit your restaurant name ideas and a panel of judges (well, me) will select the winning submission. I will announce the winner on June 13th. If you win, you will be the proud owner of Writing with Style. You will also thank me for sharing Professor Trimble’s wisdom with you.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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