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no spam!

no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An airline loves my blog. I am so honored. They faithfully follow and comment on every post. And their comments are thought-provoking. For example, here is one on my post titled “Heady Blog Milestones.”

“Well I truly enjoyed studying it. This subject procured by you is very effective for good planning.”

I spent hours “studying” my post to figure out what subject I “procured” and how my blog milestones were “effective for planning.” Am I more wise than I think?

Do they love your blog too? Such devoted readers they are.

Whaddaya mean it is SPAM? You mean I wasted hours replying to each comment and then following their blog?

Kidding. I know it is spam. But what is up with the sudden onslaught of spam?

The airline spam is such a problem, poor American Airlines had to put a page on their website about the bastards (my words, not theirs).

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times,  “The airline warned anyone who gets the bogus emails not to click on any links, open any attachments or call the listed phone numbers. Instead, the airline asks recipients to forward the emails to webmaster@aa.com.

“We are aware of the scam,” spokesman Ed Martelle said. “It is being investigated by our corporate security department so we can find a way to shut it down.”

Let’s hope they shut the spam down soon. I was so paranoid about the problem I didn’t put the name of the spammy airline in this post.

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