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As promised, today I am announcing the winner of my “Name that Restaurant” contest. If you missed the post about the contest, click here. The lucky winner gets a copy of John R. Trimble’s book Writing with Style: Conversations on the Art of Writing.

Wow. I came to the right group of people when I asked for help naming the restaurant in my novel. The entries were fantastic and I am now forced to weave in 36 more restaurants in the story so I can use all the names!

And the winner is . . .  “Reverie” submitted by Jodie at One Writing Life. Congratulations!

Isn’t the restaurant name lovely? Jodie didn’t know this when she submitted Reverie, but here is a passage about my main character in my book:

“I grew from maestro at opening a tin of tuna for dinner to someone who derives tremendous pleasure from cooking. I even daydream about food when I am at work.”

So Jodie, here is my email address: robincoyle@gmail.com. Send me your address and I will ship a copy of Writing with Style to you.

The second part of this post is to acknowledge three blogging awards I received recently. The awards are Kreativ Blogger from The Wanderlust Gene, Reader Appreciation from J. Keller Ford, and  Tag! You’re It!” (more of a game than an award) from Fly Away Home Book. Thank you ladies!

Here I go again, but I am breaking the acceptance rules ~ except for making my nominations for the awards. As my thanks for playing the “Name that Restaurant” contest, all of the contestants are my nominees! Below are the links to their blog, along with the names they suggested. To celebrate, I say we all meet at Reverie for a drink and a bite to eatl.

This a talented bunch. Please check out their blogs; you won’t be disappointed!

One Writing Life ~ Reverie

Laura Stanfill ~ Cherie, The Snuggery, The Snug Eatery, Adam’s Corner, The Cozy Fox, Rustic, Rustica

4 am Writer ~ The Chef’s Table

Polly Robinson ~ LHAT (The acronym for “Life Happens Around the Table,” a sign over the restaurant’s fireplace.)

Vanessa Chapman ~ La Nappe Blanche (The White Tablecloth)

Ella Dee ~ Adamantine

Freelance Writer and Author ~ Interdit Desirs (French) or in English, Forbidden Desires

The Wanderlust Gene ~ Adam’s Table, Adam’s Kitchen, Round the Table

JM McDowell ~ Temptations

Richard Coyle ~ Bistro Richard (Ha ha, very funny honey. Just because your are my husband, it doesn’t mean I am naming Adam’s restaurant after you.)

The View Outside ~ The Fishbowl, The Alchemist, Enchanted, Valentines, Ravenous, Eve’s, Wicked

Zen Scribbles ~ Le Fruits du Paradis, Sinful Fruits

Legion Writer ~ Baby Lucy’s Bistro

Fly Away Home Book ~ Adam’s Place

Just Words ~ Felicia’s (or Alma’s) Tabella (She tells me the name Felicia in Italian means happy and Alma means giving nature.), Adam’s Tabella, Adam’s Basket

The Write Transition ~ Pain du Paradis

John the Aussie ~ Magirepse Me Tin Kardia Sou which is Greek for Cook with Your Heart.