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Disney Start Line

Carrie Rubin over at The Write Transition gave me the idea for this post. Her comment on my post about the word “didn’t” was (in part),

“I have a lot of “started to”s as well. “Her hands started to shake;” “he started to wonder;” that kind of thing. So I’m eliminating many of those, making it “Her hands shook,” etc.

An evil cousin of “started/ing to” is “began/beginning to.”

Let’s look at some examples:

I am starting to be a strong writer.

Yeah, right.

Robin’s wise advice guides me as I make my writing stronger. 


I started writing every word Robin utters. 

Why don’t you read her blog instead?

I write Robin’s advice in my journal and refer to the tips when I edit my manuscript. 


I began to stalk Robin in the hopes she would follow my blog.

There are laws against that Mr. Creepo.

I stalked Robin until she feared for her safety and finally agreed to follow my blog.


 Robin is beginning to think I am crazy.

 Ya think?

Robin thinks I am crazy and she reported me the Grammar Police.

 Thanks for idea Carrie!

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