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“Took” and “take” are two more innocuous words that pop-up while we aren’t looking.

Sentences with “took” and “take” are fine, grammatically correct, and readable, but look what happens when you reword the sentences.

Robin took the time to show me how to use strong words.

 Isn’t she generous with her wisdom?

Robin showed me she knows what she is talking about.


I took one look at Robin’s post about strong words and knew I found a winner.

Have you been drinking?

I looked at Robin’s post about strong words and un-followed her.


She took editing tips and wove them into interesting posts.

Scotch at ten in the morning?

She wove editing tips into tedious posts.


Robin’s talent takes me by surprise.

 Or is it gin? Gin makes you crazy, you know.

Robin’s ineptitude surprises me.


Don’t take the blame for weak writing.

Aw, come now . . . your writing isn’t weak.

 Don’t blame yourself for weak writing. Blame Robin’s advice.


I decided to take on the job of writing Robin’s Strong vs Weak

Word series.


 I decided to write Robin’s entire blog.

Ahem . . . Shouldn’t that be, “Run like you stole something?”

P. S. A huge thank you for your kind wishes on yesterday’s post for my daughter’s safety in the Army. Your comments are making today much easier. 

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