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The post about annoying phrases struck a nerve. What a response! I will compile additions made to the list from the comments. There are so many entries I may need several posts!

Perhaps this post will generate an equally lively conversation . . . annoying words.


Used 845 time (on average) by teenage girls in one sentence.

Whatever or Whatevs

Usually said with a pert flip of the hand.


As in “We should like totally go to the mall.”


I’m so stoked, dude.


As in, “That movie was epic.” Did you watch The Ten Commandments?


 I am guilty of this one because I love the enthusiasm “ABSOLUTELY!” conveys.

Yummers or Delish or Yummo

Unless you have a wildly popular cooking show on the Food Network you shouldn’t be allowed to use these pseudo-words. Perhaps Rachel shouldn’t say “yummers” either.

I included “Literally” in the annoying phrase post (I know, it is a word not a phrase), but I am including it again because this video captures how truly annoying it “literally” is.

Ok . . . bring it on. What words would you add to the list? Ooh . . . should the phrase “bring it on” be on the annoying list?