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Do your characters “try” to do things? Do they make an “attempt?

If your romantic lead “tries” to win the girl’s heart and fails, that is one thing. But if he “tries” to impress her by wearing after-shave laced with pheromones and she swoons into his arms, he succeeded. Let’s see if some examples help me out here.

I tried following Robin’s point in her blog post but she lost me by sentence two.

There you failed.

I tried following Robin’s blog and loved it.

Gosh, me too!

I followed Robin’s blog and hated it.


I try to learn something from Robin, but she has nothing to offer.

You failed again.

 I try to learn from Robin’s posts and because of her wisdom, I am stronger writer.

Gosh, me too again! We have so much in common.

I learn how to use strong words from Robin. She is so wise!


 I was trying to make sense of Robin’s blog post, but she writes drivel.

Failed again my friend.

I was trying to follow the editing advice Robin gives and it works beautifully.

Are you sure we are reading the same Robin Coyle? (P.S. The “was” in the above sentence is awkward.)

 Following Robin’s advice made my WIP Pulitzer-worthy.


I attempted to un-follow Robin, but darn WordPress wouldn’t let me. 

 Boy, you must feel like a failure by now.

I attempted to follow Robin and I am glad I did! She is a smart cookie!

Robincoyle.com, right? You sure?

I unfollowed robincoyle.com as soon as I read her last post. As my mom would say, good riddance to bad rubbish.