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We learned about telling our readers what happened instead of what “didn’t” happen here. Related to “didn’t” is “wasn’t” and ”isn’t.” Again, when I read the words “wasn’t” and “isn’t” in my WIP, I asked myself if it “wasn’t” something, then what the heck WAS it? Let’s explore this idea.

My day isn’t complete until I read Robin’s blog.

Do you have a life? 

My day was incomplete after reading Robin’s blog.


I wasn’t happy when Robin didn’t follow my blog.

 She didn’t follow mine either.

My blood pressure rose to dangerous heights when Robin failed to follow my blog even after I liked, commented, liked, commented, liked, and endlessly commented on her asinine blog.


She isn’t my favorite blogger but I read a few of Robin’s posts placate her need for attention.

Gosh, Robin is annoying.

 My favorite blogger was Robin Coyle until she went on ad nausuem about strong vs weak words. Geez Louise, give it a rest Robin.