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The first time I wrote about using Strong vs Weak Words, I had no idea where it would take us. None. Zero. Na da.

Post One turned into Post Two, Three, Four, and so on. We are now up to 23, with more on the way.  Don’t groan people. Yes, more weak words are to come.

While I HATE that the words I point out in the posts are a problem for folks, I LOVE the fact that they ARE. There is comfort in numbers, right? And I like to think that agents around the world are standing at the water cooler and saying to each other, “Wow, writers are not using so many “just-s” these days! What happened?”

Some of you asked, “Where do you come up with these weak words, Robin?”

I can honestly say this series comes hot off my editing process and pounding away at the keyboard.

When I see a word lying on the page like yesterday’s toast, I poke at it. If it doesn’t move, I dig deeper. If I can fix it, I figure the darn word might be a problem for other writers and I do a blog post about it. I am happy to say (or unhappy) that in every case, the offending word is an issue others are pleased to abort from their writing.

The feedback on the series has been reward enough for this unpaid job of blogging. You’ve asked for the series in book form and I promise you, a Strong vs Weak Word book is coming. Folks tell me they print out the series, think of me as they write blog posts, and one reader took me with her in spirit to her writing group. Can’t ask for more than that!

The photo below is from sweet SubtleKate.  Look who is front and center on the white board over her writing desk. Moi!

Kate gave me a flip hair do.

Thank you Kate for allowing me hang over your every word, and thank you readers for allowing me to nit-pick your writing. I hope you consider my nagging in the loving way I intend it.

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