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Pam is the cute blonde on the left. I am the cute blonde on the right. The handsome fellow in my arms is William Wallace.

My girlfriend of 30+ years is coming up from the Bay Area to Sacramento and our cabin near Lake Tahoe for a four-day visit. As such, and much to your relief, I will be MIA for a few days. No Strong vs Weak Words to haunt you. No “Would you please let up Robin” moments for several days. No screaming at your computer “Put a sock in it girl!”

Pam and I will be busy yakking, sipping vodka tonics on the cabin porch, and taking in the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Months go by between face-to-face visits, but we pick up the conversation as though no time has passed. Last year I said to her, “You know, not one cross word has been spoken between us in the 30+ years of our friendship.” Not one.  Pam said, “I don’t do cross words.” She doesn’t. Pam is the kindest person I know, aside from my husband and kids. She is a true friend.

So, I’ll be back on Thursday. I’ll also be drowning in email notifications of your blog posts. My apologies for not hanging around with you and your blogs.

See you in a few days.