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Today’s word to think about is “so.” Not “so” as an intensifier as in, “Robin is soooooooo smart,” but when used as a transition. “So” isn’t altogether evil, but if used too often, “so” sounds like a crutch. Maybe a semicolon is better. Maybe an “and” irons out the wrinkles. Maybe the sentence needs to be two sentences.

I had 109 “so-s” and reduced the number today to 50. The result? Literary magic! Well, not magic exactly, but better writing. Let’s explore this idea.

 Robin’s blog is humorous, so she must be a smart cookie.

 Oh gosh! She makes me laugh too.

Robin’s blog is humorous; she must be a plagiarist.


Robin has many readers, so she can’t respond to all the comments.

 She ignores me too.

Robin has few readers and appreciates the one comment she gets per day.


 I read every word of Robin’s blog so I don’t make a fool of myself when I praise her profound writing advice.

 Profound writing what………..?!?

 Not wanting to make a fool of Robin, I refuse to comment on her blog.


Robin didn’t know I un-followed her, so please keep my secret to yourself.

Shhhhhh.  I un-followed her too!

 Robin doesn’t know I un-followed her. If you tell her, she is likely to hurt me. 


 Robin is testy, so commenting on her blog makes me uncomfortable.

 She is scary!

 Robin barked at me when she replied to my comment. I was afraid for my safety.


 Robin leaned against the bar at the writer’s conference so I made my way across the room to say hello.

 You can always find Robin at the bar.

 I spotted Robin across the room and headed for the exit before she saw me.


 If I could afford the extravagance to do so, I would send Robin flowers every week. 

You do know her favorite flower is an expensive rare orchid from South America, right? 

If I could afford the extravagance, I would hire a bodyguard to protect me from Robin’s wrath.

So . . . what say you?