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That is “so” LA . . . holding the conference on the beach.
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Anyone else attending the Writer’s Digest conference in Los Angeles in October?

I am!

If you are, want to meet up?

I was torn about signing up for the conference until my husband said, “Of course you should go!” Since the conference is in my California backyard, the weather in Los Angeles in October is fantastic, and I want to learn more about writing and publishing, I thought, “Heck! Why not?”

This will be my first writers’ conference and I am excited about attending. And curious. I have a several visions of what the experience will be like.

Tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbows, scholarly glasses, fragrant pipe smoke wafting on air . . . and me huddled in a corner an intimidated mess. (Maybe I should buy a tweed jacket.)


Birkenstocks, wild masses of curly silver hair, flowing kaftan, the faint scent of marijuana . . . and me huddled in a corner out of my element. (I don’t look good in a kaftan.)


Published authors looking down their noses at me, agents fawning over all the attendees except me, putting on an outfit that screams “NEWBIE” . . . and me huddled in a corner tapping my ruby slippers together and saying, “There is no place like home.” (Can you huddle and tap at the same time?)


Standing in a corner during the cocktail reception trying to look author-ly, all the cool people going out for sushi while I eat a dry tuna sandwich from room service, my fellow attendees hitting the clubs but I am watching Ishtar on pay-per-view . . . and me booking a flight home. (What a waste of money on the registration fee.)


Brilliant, charming, and talented writers supporting one another while tossing back martinis at the bar and swapping writing, editing, rejection, and acceptance stories . . . and me . . . swilling gin with the best of them. (Not gin . . . a nice Chardonnay.)

Let’s hope my last vision is correct.

Have you have attended a writer’s conference? Any advice for me?