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The four members of Pink Floyd.

The four members of Pink Floyd. I guess we all age. Sigh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post will have Pink Floyd’s song “Time” stuck in your head. Sorry.

“Time” is one of those words that is fine. But could it be better? Let’s see.


I read Robin’s old blog posts to pass the time.

You need to get a life.

Reading Robin’s old blog posts helps fill the void in my sad little life.


Robin puts in extra time at her computer so her blog is error-free. 

Well, she failed in that regard, didn’t she?

(Did you notice I slipped a “so” in the above sentence?)

 Robin toils at her computer to insure her blog ain’t got no errors.


By spending time at the computer, Robin improves her writing every day.

She needs to spend waaaay more time at the computer.

 Robin wastes hours at the keyboard. Her writing never improves.


 Robin’s time in writing class was worth it. 

Nope. It wasn’t.

 When Robin signed up for the writing class, her teacher resigned.


Robin checked the time so she wouldn’t be late for class.

She should skip class. It is no use.

(Did you notice I slipped a “so” in the sentence above as well?)

 Robin checked her watch and because she was 20 minutes late for class, she drove to Taco Bell instead.


I loved Robin the first time we met. 

Wait. Whoa. Hold on. Robin Coyle?

 Robin annoyed me when we met.

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