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You all were thinking, “Phew, Robin stopped harping about Strong vs Weak Words. At last we can read something more interesting than eliminating the word ‘it.’  Thank GAWD Robin wised up and moved on to tell us about her daughter’s Army Basic Training experience.

Not so!

I have more of Amanda’s letters to share with you but I thought I should mix things up a bit.

I discovered two new weak words. Drum roll please . . .

~ “Put” ~

~ and, “Put’s” cousin “Place” ~

Here we go . . .

I put my fingers in my ears to drown out Robin’s yammering. 

Have you tried earplugs? Better yet, try noise-canceling headphones.

Even with my fingers shoved in my ears, I could hear Robin’s incessant screeching.

English: Philips headphones

These are handy to have to block out Robin’s voice. Photo credit: Wikipedia


I put Robin’s manuscript in the garbage.

Whoa . . . that’s harsh. She meant well.

I read Robin’s manuscript and then shredded it to destroy the evidence.


Robin’s electrifying speech put me on the edge of my seat.

First she screeches, and then she’s electric?

Robin’s monotone delivery lulled me to sleep.


I put my purse on the chair next to Robin’s to save my place.

You know she has cooties, right?

I flung my purse at Robin to keep her from sitting next to me.


I placed Robin’s book on my nightstand and her words entered my brain in my sleep by osmosis.

When you say osmosis, do you mean nightmares?

Because Robin’s words haunted my dreams, I pitched her book out my bedroom window. It landed in my pigsty.


Robin placed a heartfelt thank you note in my mailbox.

She writes the BEST notes!

Robin kidnapped my pig and hurled a ransom note tied to a rock through my bedroom window.

Can you believe we are on Part 30?

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