With one swift and decisive keystroke, I single-handedly reduced the number of visitors to my blog by an average of 15 visits per day.

How did I do that and why? Did I write something offensive and turn people off? Did I write one too many “Strong vs Weak Words”posts?


English: Nike, Inc. tennis shoes

I’m not mentioning the name of the shoe company, but I bet you can figure out which one it was. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I deleted an old blog post containing the name and slogan of a huge athletic clothing/shoe company.

You see, many unwitting folks searched for the company, or the slogan, and found themselves face-to-face with me. Imagine their surprise!

At first I found the attention flattering and enjoyed being fawned over.Β Those people made me think I am wildly popular among sports fanatics. Then, I realized they are merely “false friends” with nothing but sneakers, tennis skirts, and sweat bands on their minds.

During the Olympics, the number of hits by shoe-crazed fans doubled because the athletic company plastered their logo on all things Olympics. I’m surprised the Queen wasn’t wearing the company’s logo in a diamond-encrusted brooch.

Last Saturday I said, β€œEnough is enough,” and deleted the post. My fake fans weren’t playing nice. Where is their good sportsmanship ethic!?

I now return to my lonely little blog, but with peace of mind that (most of) my visitors meant to stop by here for tea.

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