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Amanda called!

It was wonderful to hear her voice. She sounded upbeat and was thrilled to get a dose of home via the phone.

Her platoon took first place in a rifle marksmanship competition against the other platoons and as reward for their performance, their Drill Instructor granted them use of their phones for two hours. She said the rifle contest is the one competition he cares about the most. I’m glad they, as she said, “Smoked it!”

Amanda was tickled when I told her about your response to her letters. She thinks they will get computer access soon and can’t wait to read your words herself. Hey, I just had an idea! When she is out of Basic, I will ask her to write a guest post here.

Also . . .

Look who is calling my name.
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

My husband and I are on vacation for two weeks at our cabin near Lake Tahoe. As such, I will be hit and miss with posting, and reading and commenting on your blogs. I’ll do my best to keep up, but I think it will be hard sitting at the computer while beautiful Lake Tahoe beckons. I will be working on the final proofing of my manuscript too.  If you award me the Pulitzer Prize, or post something you want me to sure to see, drop me a line or make a comment on my blog and I will head straight over.