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This is the second part of a “This isn’t necessarily a Strong vs Weak Words” post. It is a “Why use redundant words?” post. I can’t wait to see that you have to add. Comment here and I will do a post summarizing your “ack” phrases.

Robin is wise beyond her 25 years-of-age.

Pffft. 25. Ha!

Robin lies about her age. There is no way she is 25-years-old. 


At this point in time, to thank Robin for her wisdom, wit, and wise words, I will send her my first-born-child. 

Rather drastic, don’t you think? 

At this time, Robin is off my Christmas card list.

(Don’t need the “at this time” either.)


I love Robin’s blog, but however, I wish she posted more often. 

Good GAWD. Don’t encourage her! 

I dislike Robin’s blog, however, she hangs on my every word. 


Robin celebrated her annual birthday by doing one post for every year of her life.

You know where the delete key is, right? Do you know how many posts that is?

I ignored Robin’s plea for birthday wishes. She needs to take a long walk off a short pier.


The reason why I celebrate Robin’s birthday is she means so much to me.

What did you buy Robin? She is hard to please.

The reason I ignore Robin’s birthday is she is needy, needy, needy.

(Don’t need “the reason” either. Add “because” after the word birthday.”)

You know, I’m not “that” emotionally needy. However, all gifts are welcome.

Quick update on my folks . . . Dad is still in the hospital and likely to be there two more weeks. So you don’t have to get out your copy of Gray’s Anatomy (the medical reference book, not your DVD collection of Dr. McDreamy), I’ll keep it simple. He had surgery to remove a blood clot from his chest cavity, a filter was put in his leg to prevent a blood clot from travelling to his heart or brain, and his oxygen concentration is good, even though there is an air leak somewhere.

Mom continues to be mystified by what is going on, but her fears and anxieties eased a bit when he moved out of ICU.

My sincere thanks for the support you blessed me with over the past two weeks. Your concern means a great deal to me, my friends.

My thanks to you . . .

~ Robin