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Blog Machine

Yeah it is easy . . . for a “fake blogger.”(Photo credit: digitalrob70)

Has this happened to you?  A dozen or so of my posts were recently (in the last month or so) reblogged by different bloggers. I though, “How nice. Someone liked what I wrote enough to put it on their blog.”

As the conscientious and polite blogger that I am, I promptly went over to thank my fellow blogger.

What did I find when I traveled over to their blogs? A shell. Nothing but a handful of reblogged posts, no comments, or “About” page. The first few times I didn’t think much of it. I figured it was someone starting out and they weren’t sure how to go about it and thought, “Here’s an idea . . . I’ll use other people’s stuff til I get the hang of this world-o-blogging.” After the next few times I was suspicious. Then I figured there is a room filled with “fake bloggers” trying to take over the world, one blog repost at a time.

It happened again today.

Several bloggers reblogged some of my posts, so I know what a real-reblog looks like.

I’ll ask again. Has this happened to you? Is this a new version of spam designed to play evil tricks on the ego of we bloggers? My “real” spam has slowed to a trickle.

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