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Are you there world? It is me, Robin.

Robin is MIA from this photo too. I came along six years later.

I thought I should give you an update on why I am missing-in-blog-action.

I haven’t fallen off a cliff, but it feels like I did. My life is not my own right now, which means I am away from blogging, reading blogs, and about a million other things.

My dad is still in the hospital and his condition is serious, but I am happy to report he is making slow progress. His pneumonia led to a series of complications. It seemed that when he got over something, a new health concern reared its ugly and scary head.

I spent the last week with him, which was his fourth week in the hospital. We hope he will move to a nursing home for rehab next week. And from there, when he is strong enough, we want to move him to the nursing home in Portland where my sister works. Fingers crossed.

We moved my Alzheimer’s mom to Portland to live with one of my sisters. We did this for three reasons: it was emotionally and physically hard on her traveling back and forth to the hospital, it was trying for me and my sisters dealing with her and the worry about Dad, and it was tough on Dad to have Mom visit in her addled and agitated state.

I shared many sweet moments with my dad last week. Two of them are worth sharing as a testament to Dad’s love for my mom. I asked him, “Why didn’t you tell us how bad Mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed over the last four months.” He said, “Because I didn’t want to believe it was true.” And, I said, “I don’t know how you managed to take care of Mom.” He said, “I managed because it is my job.”

Between trips to be Dad’s health advocate and companion, a business jaunt with my husband, and the upcoming Writers Digest Conference in Los Angeles, I am likely to be away from blogging for several more weeks.

I miss you guys, your blogs, your humor, and your insight. I hope to be back soon.

Take care,


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