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I recently posed the question, “Why do you blog?” Not one person said, “Because I want to gain fame and fortune.” Our stories are similar . . . “Started blogging for X reason, keep blogging because of the caring community and friends I’ve made.”

Amen to that.

We’ve talked about how fun it would be to meet our virtual friends. Well folks, it is Saturday, and I’m hosting a virtual cocktail party here at my blog tonight. You are all invited.

Cocktail Party At The Imperial Hotel: March 13...

Party at the Coyle’s! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the plan . . . I’ll host the virtual bar, but you need to tell me your favorite cocktail so I can stock up on the right libations. The liquor won’t be virtual.  I’ll be making good use of it.

The cocktail party is potluck. What virtual cocktail party food are you going to bring? If you email me your favorite cocktail party recipe, I’ll publish a cookbook on my blog with all your recipes. Won’t that be handy to have with the holidays barreling down at us at 400-miles-per-hour. Your Aunt Betty Lou will have no reason to look down her pointy nose at the Vienna sausages on ruffled toothpicks you planned on serving.

Mood music playing in the background is a must when I entertain. But here is the dilemma. I don’t know what you like to listen too. What virtual music would you like me to put on our virtual cocktail party playlist?

To lend credibility to our drunkfest literary gathering, submit your favorite quote from your favorite book or author. I’ve hired Fabio David Attenborough to read the quotes aloud while we stand around looking literary, smoking a pipe, wearing tweed jackets with suede patches on the elbows, and swilling scotch a la Hemingway.

You game? I can’t wait to have you all over to my pad tonight. Hostess gifts in large denominations please. Or, anything in a blue Tiffany’s box will suffice.

As a recap, put in your comment ~

What do you like to drink? Please, no one be all high and mighty and say lemonade.

What is your favorite cocktail party nosh? Then, email me your recipe at robincoyle@gmail.com. I’ll post the recipes and link them to your blog.

What is your go-to music when hosting a cocktail party?

What is your favorite literary-ish quote?

See you tonight! Be there or be square!

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