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Sure, we’ve all had minor hiccups with WordPress, but overall, it is an excellent place for our blog home.

Maybe some hiccups weren’t so minor. Who can forget the “send-me-an-email-every-time-someone-makes-a-comment-on-this-blog-unless-I-tick-the-box-saying-I-don’t-want-one” snafu? Gosh, that was terrible, but lucky for our overflowing in-boxes and formerly full heads of hair, the problem was corrected after the ugly mob stormed the WordPress castle gate.

I can’t complain about the ease of having a WordPress blog or the price of admission. Free is always good. However, I have a Christmas Wish List for the gurus at WordPress . . .

Santa WordPress (Santa Claus’s little brother)

  • Could you give the “drop-down orange dialog-bubble-thingy” a catchy name so we don’t need to call it the “drop-down orange dialog-bubble-thingy?”
  • What does the blue dot and/or gray star next to some comments in the “drop-down orange dialog-bubble-thingy” mean? Why is there a blue dot and/or gray star next to SOME of the comments but not ALL?
  • Could we have more than nine recent comments on the “drop-down orange dialog-bubble-thingy” (see why we need a catchy name?)? There are times I read and comment on a bunch of blogs. Then, I do a post on my blog and people read and comment, thereby obliterating any responses to comments I made on other blogs. I can’t keep the comment conversation going by commenting on responses to my comments because I don’t see them.  (Gosh, did that make sense? Or, did I just type myself into a circle?) (Are you all laughing at me because I don’t know about the super-secret button that shows all comment responses?)
  • Maybe a solution to the above wish is . . . could we get an email with a blogger’s response to a comment we made on their blog? Like when we get an email when someone comments on our blog.
  • While we are on the subject of comments, it never fails that I type a comment on a blog, hit ‘Post Comment’, and immediately see a careless typo. Could you make it possible to fix typos in our comments so we don’t look like Neanderthal typists? What say you? You want me to proof my work before submitting?
  • On the top right side of the “Add New Post” screen, we have the option to move the new post to the trash or publish it. Could we have a box pop up that asks, “Are you sure you want to delete this masterpiece?” Or one that asks, “Are you sure you want to publish this drivel?” Anyone else trash a post you didn’t mean to delete, or publish a post you didn’t want to fling into the universe yet?
  • Could you fix this glitch? Sometimes we spend hours perfecting the perfect post. The last thing we do is upload the perfect image for the perfect post. What happens to the perfect post? Poof. Gonzo. You mean I should save my work first? Now you tell me.
  • Can you make it a requirement that visitors from exotic lands, like say, Zimbabwe or California, must state why and how they found our blogs?
  • Could you hand new bloggers a pamphlet titled, “Comment, Follow, and Like Etiquette 101”? Rule Number One: When you follow a blog, it is polite to tell the blogger why you followed them.
  • Could we have a “Love” button? I can think of a few more buttons I’d like to have:
    • “Whoa, Bro. WAY too many words on this page.”
    • Or, “Have you taken your Prozac today?”
    • Or, “Can I come give you a hug?”
    • Or, “I wish I wrote this post.”

What button(s)  would you add? For the record, I have never called anyone “Bro.”

That it is my Wish List. Dear friends at WordPress . . . Christmas is right around the corner! While you are out shopping, I’d like a new Mercedes too.

What’s on your WordPress wish list?