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Fellow blogger Laurence D’Orsay stopped by my blog and “liked” my Strong vs Weak Word series. I decided to hop over to his blog to learn more about this wise and astute genius. (Note: blatant use of a tautology here). Since Larry likes me, maybe I would like him too.

I read this on his blog.

“Make your novel readable. Make it easy to read, pleasant to read. This doesn’t mean flowery passages, ambitious flights of pyrotechnic verbiage; it means strong, simple, natural sentences.”

~ Laurence D’Orsay

No wonder he liked me! We are kindred spirits.

Just kidding. The guy has been dead for 65 years. It is unlikely he had a blog. However, he wrote books on the craft of writing, how to get published, several short stories, and one novel. He was also a Los Angeles-based literary agent and critic.

Laurence the author’s brother ~ Lawrence the actor. Sorry, only photo of the D’Orsay family I could find.

The above quote was written in l929. Strong sentences were good then. Strong sentences are good now. Mr. D’Orsay said so. Me too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See you after the holiday.