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Everyone . . . listen up. Yes, that means you.

Remember when I wrote about “it,” “they,” and “them?” We discovered together that our writing is stronger if we name “it,” “they,” and “them.” Here are two related words. EVERYONE and EVERYBODY.

Let’s see if I can show everyone what I mean. Or, I should say, “let’s see if I can show my fellow writers what I mean.”

Everyone loves Robin’s blog.

Oh yeah? Sez who?

Aspiring writers avoid Robin’s blog because she babbles on and gives piss-poor advice.


When everybody was seated, Robin pontificated on the need to use strong words instead of weak words.

Gawd, she is so preachy. Damn know-it-all.

The conference attendees fled for the door when Robin took the stage.


 Everyone applauded when Robin finished speaking.

They applauded because she finally shut-up.

 The students groaned when Robin started speaking.


Everybody in the room crowded the stage and asked Robin for her autograph.

An angry mob scene, right?

After Robin’s lecture, the police were called in to squelch the rioters.

The trick here is to ask yourself, “who is the everyone?” Can you name ‘em?  Are they flight attendants, pole-dancers, angry writers?

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