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Remember the grand and glorious time we had at my virtual cocktail party? No? Oh, that is right. You had too much boom-boom punch as passed out in the shrubbery.

The charming LouAnn over at On the Homefront and Beyond stole copied loved my virtual cocktail party idea and forced begged invited me to co-host a virtual Christmas gathering with her. As such . . .

You are all invited to a Virtual Christmas Party at

On The Homefront and Beyond’s pad!

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Date: December 15th

Where: Virtually Here

Why: It Is Christmas!

Theme: Come as your favourite author or character in a book.

Co-hosts: LouAnn and Robin

Bring: Your favourite appetizer from the 1970′s.

Music Provided by: Rodents and Rebels (LouAnn’s son’s rock and roll band).

Special Entertainment: Margaret Atwood. She promises to be festive!

Headliner: Vanessa Chapman will be singing a song chosen just for the party.

Requirement: Description of your favourite author or character’s outfit, your 1970’s appetizer recipe, and favourite song request.

Lou Ann (you probably remember her as the gal with the lampshade on her head at my virtual cocktail party) and I have put our heads together to create some other fun activities to make this party rock—so choose one or two (or as many as you want) and be prepared to comment on them or provide a pic on party night:
1. Provide a photo of an ugly Christmas sweater or if you are up to the challenge– provide a photo of a beautiful Christmas sweater.

2. Show us a photo (or stick drawing) of your favourite author or character in a book.
3. Don be shy—show us a photo of you dressed up as your favourite author or character.
4. Tell us  the worst line you have ever read from an annual Christmas newsletter.
5. Describe your best or worst Christmas memory (depending on your mood)
6. Tell us the title of your favourite Christmas-themed book.

7.  Tell us about a Christmas tradition you want eradicated from this flat earth.

8. Create your own video or stand up or whatever your imagination conjures up. There will be kids at the party, so choose accordingly.
There you have it—choices galore.
Lou Ann will be serving some shrimp cocktail in champagne glasses with cocktail sauce and champagne cocktails to toast the night with. I am making my famous deviled eggs and coming dressed as Dr. Seuss. Since it is a Christmas party, perhaps I’ll come as the Grinch.
So be there or be square!

English: A shrimp cocktail.

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