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I came up with a brilliant idea. Well, I think it is brilliant at any rate.

I recently discovered some blogs and thought, “Why haven’t I heard of these brilliant folks before? Why, oh why, has no one mentioned I should check them out? Why are you people holding back on me?”

Are you like me and have favorite blogs? Ones that never fail to amuse, intrigue, or provide content you don’t see anywhere else? I can hear you saying, “Why yes, Robin! You, you clever girl, you.”

Oh, were those voices in my head, not you?

Are you at a loss as to what to give your favorite bloggers for Christmas? Well, you came to the right place. I am hosting a Virtual Gift Exchange. Give the gift that keeps on giving . . . a shout out to folks you love to follow.

Since bloggers respond to rules, here are a few for you:

Think of your favorite blog(s).

Go on a hunt for their blog address(es). I’ll wait.

Return here to your favorite blog.

Comment below with the name(s) and link(s) to the bestest of the best blogs you love.

www.robincoyle.com does not have to be on your list. Heck, we all know that is a given.

Tie a bow on the gift to your favorite blog(s) by telling us a little about them.

Spread some holiday cheer! Depending on how this comes together, I’ll put all the blog addresses in a post in January.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas, everyone. See you in next year!

P.S. I posted about our family having a different kind of Christmas here. I failed to include a photo of our creativity in wrapping presents when no wrapping paper is a hand. To prove I didn’t make it up, here is a photo for you. Note the handcrafted newspaper bow on the St. Pauli Girl beer box. Nice touch, don’t you think? No, my gift wasn’t beer. I drink wine. The empty box was used to wrap my gift.

Downsized Christmas

Downsized Christmas