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And here you all thought my Strong vs Weak Words bag o’tricks was empty. I hate to disappoint, but you are wrong-o!

Today’s fun lesson is all about “ing.” Whoopee!

Think “Ing” = “Boring”

Strong vs Weak

I won’t get all technical on you about the finer points of “ing” words and their role in prose. I don’t do technical . . . I do farcical.

In a nutshell, I am talking about words with “ing” tacked on the end. Sure, these words have their time, place, and two tickets to paradise in writing, but sometimes they make a sentence all mushy inside.

Will a few examples help?

My job as a blogger is to be entertaining and enlightening.

Job well done, Robin!

My job as a blogger is to entertain and enlighten my minions.


I am sharing words of wisdom every day.


I share foolish words every day except on Mondays.


I am managing to keep up with Robin’s blog even though she never comments on mine.

Mine either!

I manage to avoid Robin’s blog at all costs. 


Like the next best thing since Strunk and White, Robin sits at her computer offering bloggers writing advice

How annoying.

Robin offers writing advice like she knows a dangling participle from a spit infinitive.


Robin found it embarrassing when WordPress banned her for life.

Thank GAWD.

WordPress embarrassed Robin when they shut down her blog.

If you are searching for unneeded “ing” words in your work, let me know what you are finding. I mean . . . Let me know what you find if you search your work for unneeded “ing” words.


Don’t forget the entire Strong vs Weak Word series can be found under the cleverly named “Strong vs Weak Words” link on the left sidebar.

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